Reflective Mantra


Creating art is a form of meditation and spiritual dialogue...

In addition, science informs the artistic spirit and she likes  to question, explore and employ it as a muse to inspire wonder, and to capture the complexities and mysteries of the invisible. Her purpose is to create reflective mantra art, portraits, paintings and various other art forms that engage the soul with the intention  to celebrate and share the joy of her glorious adventure,  and finally to inspire and be inspired.

Each painting takes her on a journey, and as her paintbrush and pen follows, each time she is lead back to her center. It is in the process of creation that she finds her rhythm; all stands still as her inner teacher takes over. 

As in any art form, as we release judgment, silence our mind, breathe deep into the process, and find bliss in each step; we realize that we are boundlessly assisted in our authentic and heart-centered expression. We realize that art is not born of us, but through us, and in this understanding we are humbled, yet profoundly empowered. 

Overtime, Juss Kaur has come to understand that it is our divine duty to create and share inspiration. As we honor our own personal creativity, we contribute vitally to the whole. We inspire those around us to celebrate and we empower them to create.

Artist Bio

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Juss Kaur moved with her family first to the UK where she completed her high school education and then to Montreal, Canada. Here in the Belle Province she got her Higher Education at Concordia and McGill University. It was during theses years that her passion for art began.

Ever since then Juss Kaur has been having an affair with paints, pens, oil pastels, brushes and her wonder for nature and His creation. It was during her journey back to Oxford University much later in life where she went to fulfill a dream to get a doctorate; that this passion resurfaced and became an integral part of her daily routine.

Juss Kaur considers herself blessed to have such a supportive loving family and special friends who have been instrumental in keeping the fire burning. She is deeply grateful to her Beloved for keeping the song alive within her soul and for the constant reminders that she is not only a scholar but a dancer, a painter and a lover.


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