There have not been many moments in history where hair became a propaganda tool let alone in war. So if the Turban was not enough of a visible identifier of the Sikh Soldier during the World Wars, his well maintained and groomed moustache and beard represented no match for his facial hair challenged foe, only aiding his metaphorical military prowess, leaving the enemy simply Outwhiskered.

Please join us on November 8, 2015 as we remember and pay tribute through an exhibit, the sacrifices of Sikh soldiers and their allies. They are our fathers, brothers, mothers and sisters, neighbours … heroes, who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of us and our Country.

“Outwhiskered” aims to commemorate the remarkable, but largely forgotten contribution and experiences of Sikh soldiers, past and present. This exhibition introduces their story through remarkable written accounts of their experiences and achievements, rarely seen imagery, and extraordinary original artifacts.

The Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada is honoured to host this exhibition. “We felt it was important to make the commemorations of Remembrance Day more inclusive by highlighting the Sikh community’s role in these momentous events in world history, including the little know story of Sikh soldiers who fought on behalf of Canada in WWI”, says Kulbir Colin Singh Dhillon, President of the Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada.



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