The Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada is dedicated to advancing and promoting knowledge, understanding and preservation of the cultural and religious life of our people. We do so through our top quality museum exhibits, lectures and special programs.

We envision a dynamic, learning-focused permanent Sikh museum and educational facility. The Sikh Museum will celebrate the Canadian Sikh experience and its vibrant history, explore the richness and complexities of Sikh spirituality and identity, and commemorate and honour Sikh history.

We are committed to building a strong and diverse community that promotes harmony, friendship and understanding.


To provide a public amenity by establishing and operating a Sikh Heritage Museum to preserve, curate and exhibit artifacts, publications, photographs, and documents of historical significance;

To advance education by creating and touring exhibits, and by providing educational lectures and seminars relating to Sikh history and culture; and

To do all such things as are incidental or ancillary to the attainments of the above purposes. 


The Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada Board Members
Sunday 21st December 2014


Kulbir Singh Dhillon 


Kulbir (Colin) Singh Dhillon is an avid reader of Sikh History and particularly enjoys the legacy of the Lion of Lahore, Maharaja Runjeet Singh.  He is also very active in charitable and community based initiatives, and has been appointed as the National Sikh representative on the advisory committee of Canada’s office for Human Rights, Freedoms and Inclusion. Colin’s latest project is the documentary film, 'The Lion that Lost his Roar', on the first person of Sikh origin to live in Canada – Prince Victor Albert Jay Duleep Singh and he is the honoured recipient of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for his distinguished service to Canada and Canadians. 

Harminder Mann 


Harminder (Harry) Mann is an independent researcher who is dedicated to linguistic and cultural heritage. He has a passion for the complete education process of the sikhs and focuses heavily on history from the post-guru period to the annexation of Punjab. He devotes his free time to scriptural analysis.

Gurmit Singh 


Gurmit Singh's passion revolves around acquiring, documenting & exhibiting Sikh Artifacts. Being a magpie type Sikh collector, Gurmit will literally acquire anything Sikh related but his particular areas of interest lie in 19th Century Paintings, 1st. Edition books & Sikh Regiment Medals. In his off hours he claims to be a 1980's trivia Grand Master - TV, Music, News & Fashion.

Amanpreet Mangat 


Amanpreet (Aman) Mangat is Brampton raised Toronto based, and interested in creating dialogue and curating ideas around identity, immigration, and representation. This framework is explored through a strong focus on conversation and art, and whilst living the part of a budding art collector, a husband & a newly minted father, a Sikh, and a prospective future kabbadi player.

Drivnaynee Kaur 


Drivnaynee (Simar) Kaur is an elementary school teacher with a background in guidance and counselling. She is closely involved in encouraging young children and youth to incorporate the Sikh way of life. Teaching children to make personal connections with Sikh Scriptures and History through curriculum based learning is one of her future goals. Other than teaching, she is passionate about cake decorating and does that to fuel her creativity bug. 

Rahuljit Singh Bhogal 


Rahuljit (Rahul) Singh Bhogal is a designer and illustrator. Each one of his endeavours is guided by a strong sense of craftmanship and a passion for building unique experiences. Rahul has been deeply involved in enhancing the museum's branding and presence by creating a meaningful digital space for the SIkh community. Outside of the musuem, he is the co-founder and creative director of an independent design studio, House of Singh.

Pardeep Singh Nagra 


Pardeep Singh Nagra is a leading Canadian historian, researcher and speaker specializing in Sikh pioneer and military history in Canada and the diaspora. He has curated exhibits locally, nationally and internationally and enjoys collecting Sikh toy soldiers.  In his spare time, Pardeep recently qualified for the Boston Marathon.

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